Beginners Hatha Yoga

So many of us are rushing around, going from one thing to the next without taking a moment to slow down and connect with our breath and our bodies. I understand because I spent much of my life doing the same thing! A physical yoga and meditation practice has helped me to really practice slowing down while still participating in life and I feel it can assist you in the very same way.

I guide gentle hatha yoga classes in Harrisdale which will allow you to take some time out of your busy life in order for you to stretch out, slow down and rest deeply. The classes last an hour and begin with some breath work and body scanning, moving through grounding and nurturing held postures and then finishing with savasana. My lovely students have said that they go home after class feeling refreshed, relaxed, more open, more flexible and notice they have an amazing night’s sleep. Just a few positive side effects of a physical yoga practice as well as taking the time out for yourself.

What you will find here is a sanctuary for you to learn to be with and accept where you’re at, whether you can touch your toes or not, this is not the goal. In fact, there isn’t a goal except to show up, let go of the ‘to do list’ and allow yourself to JUST BE in the class. I use props like blankets, blocks and straps to assist you go deeper into the postures, to support you when needed, and go a little slower so you won’t feel like you’re rushing and straining to keep up. Though I use a little music in classes from time to time, and tingsha bells to bring you out of savasana, the classes are far from being “airy fairy” in nature. I will invite you to challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zone, particularly if you are brand new to yoga, but we won’t be trying any advanced postures and attempting to contort yourself into something of a gymnast. There’s no competitiveness in my classes, just a lovely nurturing environment with beginner students where you can just be yourself.

So if you’re new to Yoga, maybe you’ve been to a few classes or maybe this will be your first, I invite you to give yourself an hour to slow down, find some space in your body and from your mind, and learn to nurture yourself through a gentle guided practice.

I look forward to practicing with you.

Love, Prema

P.S. Despite my love of yoga in nature/outdoors (as you may notice from some of my piccies), classes will be held indoors. 🙂

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Weekly Beginners Hatha Yoga is held as follows:
Bakers House, Harrisdale

*Bookings are essential due to space limitations, so please click here to contact Prema to reserve your spot or call 0421 128 220.

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